Spring food and medicine workshop 10th April 2022
Spring food and medicine workshop 10th April 2022

Spring food and medicine workshop 10th April 2022

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Spring has sprung and it's time to get out into the abundant nature nutritious nature and connect with her bounty. Traditionally this is the season for spring tonics and clearing out the winter cobwebs. 

I have been doing foraging walks for the last ten years and I am still learning about the various plants and their uses and would love for people to join me. These days I am looking at plants as allies as a pose purely their chemical constituents and nutrients which is an exciting journey. 

My favourite quote from a previous participant was 'wow, I will never walk across grass the same way again!' . 

So we will be doing lots of identifying, some story sharing, some making and some eating.

Please get in contact if you have any dietary requirements. I am planning nettle soup and sourdough bread (wheat and gluten free) for lunch with a spring salad. 

Children are welcome indeed, just let me know and a small contribution towards lunch would be ace. 

Venue: Blaen Y wern, Llangydeyrn, Cydwelli, SA175ES. 


Time: 11am to 2pm

Cost: I wanted to make this as accessible as possible while also trying to be viable so we can do more in the future. If cost is an issue please get in touch. If you can pay the high rate please do. It will be a banging lunch at least and hopefully you will leave feeling more connected to the magic of life all around you.  

When paying online, tick collect from heartwood to avoid paying postage. 

I must give credit to Heledd for the lovely photo I've titled talking serious about herbs which was a talk I did in Machynlleth community garden about wild meadow flowers and their uses. https://heleddwyn.co.uk/. Don't worry, there will be lots of moving around on the day. That day had to be stationary due to Covid!

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