Hello, My name is Anita O' Flynn and I am based here at Heartwood, Carmarthen, south Wales. I have been dabbling in herbs for around 15 years and last year completed a foundation in herbalism with heartwood. I highly recommend this course. This has kicked off my desire to learn more and I have starting studying Medical herbalism part time at Lincoln college. 

I live here with my family and wider housing cooperative community on around 32 acres. After years of trying to secure land to live and grow on I feel blessed to have finally moved here. My kids are such a help straining herbs, harvesting, sowing seeds, bottling, advice... I would be lost without them.

This little enterprise has been born for a few reasons. One is me foisting herbs on to friends and family for coughs that wouldn't shift and various other complaints. Secondly from my love of herbs and spices and the difficulty in getting them locally, organic and affordable. So I started buying larger quantity's of things like cardamom, cinnamon, star anise etc and also supplying friends.     This led them to want more and my little apothecary grew. Thirdly my friend Charlie wanted a supply of mega mix and so did I, and making it in larger quantity's made it more feasible but also more to manage. Now this website is an attempt to make it easier for local people and those further away to get the best quality, always organic where possible, ethically sourced herbs and spices. I wild harvest and grow as much as I can and am looking to expand this in the future.

I order from Plant medica; the only manufacturing co-operative owned by and dedicated to the service of herbalists and herbal medicine; and The Organic Herb Trading company.

If you would like to become a local supplier of herbs grown or wild crafted please do get in contact.

to get in contact just email anitya@riseup,net