Herbal toolbox workshop 15th May 2022
Herbal toolbox workshop 15th May 2022
Herbal toolbox workshop 15th May 2022
Herbal toolbox workshop 15th May 2022

Herbal toolbox workshop 15th May 2022

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This is the workshop I wish I had done 7 years ago before having kids. It probably would have been useful for my whole life but I guess I didn't take my health so seriously and any general illness eventually passed and I did not have a young person I was supposed to be taking care of. 

Our son struggled on and off with chronic bronchitis. While doing a herbal course the advice of the practitioners was to be ready with your remedies. Making a chest rub when you cant get out of bed or your child just wants cuddles is hard. When your ill your self its hard to get it together to take your medicine let alone work out what you need and when taking care of a distressed person its easy to go into firefighting mode and hard to find the time to get and make remedies. 

The earlier symptoms are eased, and ideally underlying causes addressed, the chance of getting well speedily increase. 

Having a herbal toolbox can help you take action straight away and learning about remedies which can be made from your kitchen ingredients will mean help is always at hand. 

We will cover:

sore throats and chest remedies and look at latest herbal research around covid.

cuts, infected cuts, bruises, sprains, inflammation 

insomnia, tension headaches, migraines

emotional shock, anxiety, depression

nausea, digestive upsets

kitchen remedies

wild herbal first aid

(Please get in contact if there is anything specific you would like to cover.) 

You will come away with a shoe box full of herbal teas, various tinctures and you will make separate balms for lungs, sprains and grazes. If you have any oil allergies or issues with beeswax I have (from a small beekeeper in wales) get in contact.

You will also come away with knowledge of some of the plants around you and within your kitchen which can be called upon to help in times of need. 

Lunch: Simple wholesome soup, bread and salad. Please bring anything you would like yourself or to share and get in contact if any dietary requirements.

Children welcome but it will be quite a heady day and workshop is not geared towards children. 

Venue: Blaen Y wern, Llangydeyrn, Cydwelli, SA175ES. 


Time: 11am to 5pm

Cost: I wanted to make this as accessible as possible while also trying to be viable so we can do more in the future. If cost is an issue please get in touch. If you can pay the high rate please do. Hopefully you will leave feeling more connected to the magic of life all around you and a shoe box full of herbal remedies to the retail value of £80. I have just done the maths and the box would retail on my site at £80.50 and comparatively my remedies are cheaper then others. Not sure how to make this social enterprise work but heyho loving the alchemy. 

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