Childrens Organic Respiratory/Cough brew

Childrens Organic Respiratory/Cough brew

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Elecampane root, ginger, liquorice, thyme, aniseed.

Decoction: 1 tablespoon per mug. Simmer mix for at least 10 minutes with the lid on, strain and drink.
Mixture often can be re-brewed as roots keep releasing herbal goodness. 

This recipe is one that has been created after trail and error in trying to shift my sons reoccurring coughs and chest infections. This mix seems to hit the nail on the head and used in time the cough does not progress. Also my friend is using this remedy routinely to help clear their chest while giving up smoking.

The elecampgne is like a lung tonic and also helps break up any phlegm. The ginger is warming and gets everything moving as well as tasting yummy. The liquorice and thyme are classic cough remedy's being soothing and expectorant respectively. Aniseed was recommended by a friend who uses it regularly for coughs, it increases the effectiveness of the mucociliary escalator, while adding a sweetness which is useful given the strong taste of elecampagne. 

After making various syrups that invariably started fermenting as I could not bring myself to add the quantity of sugar required, this dry mix of roots, herbs and seeds means you can make the quantity desired fresh with minimum effort and zero sugar.   

I have made a slightly gentler blend for young children, reducing the quantity of elecampane and ginger root and increasing the liquorice and aniseed for a more palatable flavour. I have been delighted with the ease Osian who is now three, drinks small cups of this tea.