Ordering herbs and spices:

If your like me little jars of black pepper and cinnamon are just a waste of time and packaging. If there are some herbs and spices you use a lot of and want to source as organically, ethically and as affordable as possible please get in contact. As Hippocrates said 'let thy food be thy medicine'. Lets stay in good health with herbs and spices and not just use them to remedy illness. Let me know if there is anything not here you would like me to try order.

Placenta encapsulation:

I ate some of my first born's placenta in a stir-fry. Unfortunately due to difficulties breastfeeding in the first week I have absolutely no idea what happened to the placenta after that! So by my second born I had heard about encapsulation and organized a lovely woman to sort it out for me. Definitely felt like a good move. I didn't have to think about it at all. Just had to get someone to drop off the placenta and in return got a jar of my placenta encapsulated. I took them daily in the first few months and then kept some back for if I ever felt run down or felt like I was getting ill during the following year. I literally never got ill.

So after doing a lot of research and encapsulating my friends placenta it is something I would love to offer to local new mums. Its not rocket science but it is quite an operation which would be challenging even for the most super mum or partner to do with 24hrs of birthing. 

Please get in contact if its something you would like to discuss.